Intimate Apparel

Miracle care about women, it is very important for us that women feel good and comfortable wearing Miracle’s lingerie products.

Composing the actual collection Miracle keeps in mind to follow not only the latest trends, but the needs of women.

Miracle offers a continuously renewed collection for feminine women so that they can always feel decorative and attractive.

Soft fabrics for pampering, colors and creative styles to show a perfect shape. Miracle’s collection represents comfort, elegance and femininity. The attractive, irresistible woman appears in the collection.

In a romantic, sensual or elegant Miracle underwear you will feel the same: Lingerie gives you real confidence and attractiveness! No one can step by without noticing.

Miracle’s underwear collection is more than a drop of luxury, extravagance, romance or attractive femininity.

Refined Femininity
Elegant, romantic, feminine appearance is guaranteed by tempting fabrics (satin, silk), feminine colors, fabrics and harmonizing embellishments – ruffles, bows, ribbon, embroidery and lace, pearls and jewels. All the details for elegance and refined femininity.

Miracle underwear feels like your second skin.

Miracle Collection gives the opportunity to find the lingerie that fits your style, no matter of your age. Be it a corset, chemise, baby doll, bridal lingerie, underwear set or else.

Miracle thinks of women in all year: besides Summer and Winter Collection you will always find Christmas Collection and Valentine’s Day Collection.

Take a look at the full collection by clicking the photos on the left! Miracle ships directly to your home, all over the Middle-East, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon…